Friday, June 27, 2014

Lego Digital Clock

I built a copy of an awesome lego clock designed by Hans Andersson:

Mine is a little different in that it uses a Raspberry Pi to control the motors instead of two NXT bricks.  Dexter Industries makes a Pi add-on board called BrickPi which allows you to control lego mindstorms motors, etc from a Pi:

Raspberry Pi + BrickPi

All of the code is written in python and is available on github:

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    I make videos about anything that is AMAZING on my YouTube channel called 'Be Amazed' (
    I am planning on making a video called '10 Most AMAZING Lego Machines' and I was wondering if you are willing to grant me permission to talk about and edit footage of some of your creations (e.g. Lego Digital Clock) for commercial purposes? I plan on choosing one of your creations but I would like to also briefly mention that your channel has other awesome machines/creations. I will of course give you full credit and link your video in the description and as an annotation! Your channel is great and hopefully this will help somewhat as I expect that this sort of video will do VERY well. If you believe that I have left out any of your machines then please let me know. Please get back to me by emailing Many thanks,

    -Sam / Be Amazed